Nakamoto Lab

Our laboratory is engaged in research on various topics related to machine olfaction.
We are interested in odor-sensing systems mimicking performance of the biological (human) olfaction. A significant effort is being put into research on odor recorder and olfactory display.



2010 3/20

Our laboratory was introduced in NHK BS-hi program "Future! Sense! Coming of a digital power!"

2010 3/17

Professor Nakamoto made appearance in a program "Terumi Yoshida's Sokodaijinatoko"

2009 12/8

Our laboratory was introduced in NHK's famous "Bakusho Mondai's Education of Japan"

2009 3/15

Our laboratory was presented in a program of TV GLOBO (Brazil)



A new book entitled "Essentials of machine olfaction and taste" was published from Wiley.


Digital Olfaction Congress.

Info on our newest Interactive Art of Sound & Scent.

Upcoming book "Human Olfactory Displays and Interfaces: Odor Sensing and Presentation" to be released in November, 2012.

Info on Odor Recorder and Olfactory Display.

Information for 4th grade students.


Moriizumi & Nakamoto Lab's Reunion Party.

Our exhibition during the TITech Festival 2009.